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Songwise is an all-in-one online platform that makes it easy and fun to learn to read music.


Songwise Story

In her work as a Broadway music director, Andrea Grody discovered that many musical theater actors cannot read music, even though they sing for a living. She was surprised to find that there are no good resources available for people who know how to sing but who haven’t had the opportunity to develop their musicianship skills.

Songwise was conceived to provide comprehensive, engaging, and accessible music training to performers who sing but cannot read music. We proudly serve our mission to give all singers - whether they are aspiring professionals, choral singers, songwriters, or karaoke rock stars - the tools and the confidence to take their music skills to the next level.

How It Works

  • Singing Exercise


    Sing Along, Then Sing Alone

    Get going from the get-go with several short exercises in each lesson. Listen first, then sing along, and finally sing on your own.

  • Music Drill


    Solidify Your Learning

    Hone your skills with short, fun drills that further develop your musical understanding.

  • Songs


    Learn New Songs

    Within minutes of starting each lesson, you’ll be reading and singing an actual song, complete with lyrics and a backing track.

  • Extended Music Skills

    ... And More

    Develop Special Skills

    As your learning advances, you can gain access to specialty lessons that teach skills like riffing, harmonizing, and accompanying yourself on a piano or guitar.

Our Team

Andrea Grody

Andrea Grody

Curriculum, Vision

A Broadway music director and voice teacher who works with singers from all backgrounds.

Andrew Linford

Andrew Linford

Operations, Product

An online education specialist, startup operations technician, and former music teacher.

Katerina Papacostas

Katerina Papacostas


Part-time web developer, full time singer, actor, dancer who recently found her love of code.

Andrew Willis-Woodward

Andrew Willis-Woodward


A part-time back-end engineer and part-time actor, singer, director, and choreographer.

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